Eastside Hoard of The Dragon Queen

Session 2
Greenest in Flames

The adventurers delay the closing of the keep’s gates to allow what they believe is a human child time to run inside. The child is in fact the Gnome Barbarian XXXXX The Giant who joins the adventurers in the defense of Greenest. At the request of Governer Nighthill the adventurers sneak out of the keep via a rat infested tunnel to aid the townspeople still trapped outside of the keep.

Confronting Kobolds, Mercenaries and Cultists the heroes rescue a group of townspeople barricaded inside the town church, escort them back to the keep and bring a cultist back for interrogation.

The cultist divulges that the raid is part of an attempt to gather gold and treasure that the Cult of the Dragon intends to use as an offering to Tiamat, the Mother of Dragons. Further interrogations are interrupted as the dragon that has been casually circling above the town sweeps down for an attack on the keep. With the help of the adventurers the town’s defenders are able to drive the dragon off.

Just before dawn the Half-Dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath addresses the defenders offering the lives of hostages in exchange for facing the town’s champion in single combat. XXXX bravely accepts the challenge but is swiftly defeated by the superior might of Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.

Having shown their strength and gathered as much loot and prisoners as they can carry the raiders leave the town.

Session 1


A group of adventurers traveling to Greenest, each for their own reasons, join together for mutual safety on the road. Around sunset as they crest the hill above Greenest they see that the town is in chaos. A large blue dragon is circling above the keep, smoke is rising from many buildings and they can hear shouts and screams coming from the city.

Rushing to the town’s aid the adventurers escort as many villagers as they can into the keep.


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